Thursday, 24 August 2017

Urgent Notice for MMS 1st year students

All the students of MMS 1st year are hereby informed to submit all the required documents to Mr. Anerao on or before 8th september 2017 without fail. To get student wise detailed list of required documents click here.....

All are also instructed to submit their PG registration forms on or before 8th September 2017 without fail...... Official notice for same is attached here....

Friday, 11 August 2017


Explore is one of the co-curricular activity organized by the MMS department of RMCET. Explore, as the name itself indicates, here we scrutinize and prospect some new innovative ideas. It includes various activities like Ad-Mad, Best out of Waste, Business Plan, Face Painting, Rangoli, LAN gaming, Business Quiz, Team Building, Group Discussion, Marketing Event and many more....

This event gives best platform to student for showing their talent apart from studies. Here they enjoy at their fullest, and learn many things as well.

We are planning to continue same activity for all the years and looking forward for some more ideas.....

To get detailed report of this event you can click here......

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Aarohan is one of the cultural fest organised by Rajendra Mane College of engineering & Technology, Ambav. Under this fest, our management students have organised one 'Marketing Event', in which they perform various buying and selling activities.

This event gives practical knowledge to our students about the sales, customer behavior, customer benefits, market positioning, marketing strategies, product costing and many more.

Along with this our students have participated in various cultural activities like dancing, sketching, singing etc as well as in sports activities like cricket, box cricket, volleyball, etc.

For detailed report click here...

Monday, 7 August 2017

Aarambh 2017 An Induction Program

Induction program is basically a process which is used by us to welcome new students to the institute, and prepare them for new their new role. We have organized 4 days induction program where we introduce our students about the course, related syllabus, paper pattern, faculties (teaching as well as non-teaching), campus, placement, curriculum and co-curriculum activities as well.

In this program we not only gave theoretical knowledge to our students, but also share some practical skills with them, and meet their interactive needs that exist among the new students. Here we also include some fun activities like management games.

As our students have enjoyed at their fullest, we finally achieve our goal of making our students comfortable and familiar with us.

To get detailed report of this program click here.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Pot-Puri Event

Pot-Puri is one of the most delicious event organized in our MMS department. Here, all the students and faculties collectively prepare some dishes and use to  get-together for several fun activities and delicious food as well.

Some of the delicious foods of our event are:


 For detailed report CLICK HERE......