Entrepreneurship Development Cell


Entrepreneurship Development Cell is formed in MMS department of RMCET with the strategic intent to produce successful entrepreneurs with leadership qualities using innovative & ethical business practices. This cell has managed to capture the imagination of students, and boost that thinking in reality.


  • To  motivate students to develop their own startups.
  • To create complete fund to seed ventures.
  • To provide platforms to our students to interact with entrepreneurs. 
  • To impart basic entrepreneurial skills among students through various exercise and training's.


ED Cell is committed to the objective of supporting budding entrepreneurs in the entire process of their startup formation. For this support we organize Markbiz Activity in our department and several other activities through which students can learn entrepreneurship skills.

Markbiz: It is a marketing activity organized by MBA/MMS students where they use to sell several products. Marketing is not as simple as paid advertising in newspapers or on television.

click here to get detailed report of Markbiz

Funfair: It is again a kind of selling activity where our students use to bring various stalls of food items, games and other fun tasks. Customers come here to view exhibition and enjoy the stalls through which student's can earn revenue.

click here to get detailed report of Funfair Activity

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