Department PEO and PO

Program Educational Objectives:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of management terminology and organize and manage the business to track the progress records of an organization.

  2. Conduct a survey of the business environment, identifying opportunities and formulating an effective and efficient means to capitalize on that opportunity creating something of value.

  3. Formulate and communicate an original business ides to the broader business public, and/or formulate and communicate an original business plan.

  4. Perform skills directly used in a specific business specially practice or context developed through projects in their program.

  5. Research any aspects of business practice to produce a solid empirical basis for decision making.

  6. Read a set of financial books regarding the profit and loss statements of an organization, formulate a cogent assessment of the situation and develop recommendations for increased financial health of the organization.

  7. Assess the potential market for a specific set of products and services, and formulate a marketing plan for selling those products services to that constituency.

Program Outcomes: 

At the end of the program, a student will be able to:

  1. Leadership & Ethics: The qualities of strong leadership in constantly changing world are far more complex than they were just a decade ago. This program teaches the fundamentals and requisite skills set of effective leadership in a global environment and does so within an over-arching framework of social responsibility.

  2. Strategic Planning: Visionary leaders see the big picture, the end-results, well before they implement a business plan. They know how to communicate and structure their ideas into logical steps that utilize their resources, respect social and cultural boundaries, and establish best practices with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

  3. Decision Making Tools: To reduce the risk of failure, it is essential, particularly in a global marketplace. to have a well round understanding and knowledge of all elements involved. This program examines decision making tools in the context of e-commerce, customer service, and global business issues in an efforts to empower analytical thinking and reasoning skills.

  4. Problem Solving: Effective global managers and problem sharp-shooters. Problem solving skills result from a firm understanding of the basic of tenets of global business practices and further refined through exposure to actual problem solving strategy. This program relies on a mix of case studies as well as on real life problems presented by global managers of successful area businesses.

  5. Competencies: The program inculcates the competencies like critical thinking, communications, teamwork, self-management and professionalism.

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