Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Management Student's Association

Student's Association is basically a group operated by student's at college and department level, whose membership typically consists only of students and / or alumni. Aim of this student's association may involve practice and propagation of a certain professional hobby, cause or to promote professional development. 

Various members of our student's association are:

HOD: Mr. M. A. Salvi

Coordinator: Ms. R. T. Ghate

Conveyer: Ms. Masooma Pagarkar 

President: Mr. Vishal Bhayje

Vice-PResident: Mr. Aditya Kumtekar

Secretary: Mr. Somesh Reddi

Treasure: Mr. Dipesh Salgaonkar

Technical Head: Ms. Pranali Kumtekar & Ms. Mohini Revane

Non-Technical Head: Mr. Vaibhav Narkar & Mr. Shubham Kovale

In this semester, various activities organized by MSA are: