Sunday, 29 October 2017

Guest Lectures of 2017-18 Odd Semester

Guest Lecturers are not the substitute for our present teachers. Having a guest lecture opens our lesson designs to some new options. Like, we and our guest can work together to field questions or even debate issues.

Guest speakers have become an important part of educational experience for students. It expose students to real life practical experiences from the position of someone who has been there...
Enhancement of Student's Educational Experience is one of the important benefit of organizing guest lectures.

By following the same trend, our MMS department have also organized various guest lecturers in this odd semester of session 2017-18, which are listed below:
1. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Milind Shinde' on 'Strategic Management' during 10th July 2017.
2. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Sachin Patle' on 'Human Behavior' during 19th July 2017.
3. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Sandip Damri' on 'Perspective Management' during 16th September 2017.

4. Guest lecture by 'Ms. Pallavi Sonavdekar' on 'E-commerce & Digital Marketing' during 16th September 2017.

5. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Nitin Shedge' on 'Financial Planning & Environment Protection' during 19th September 2017.
6. Guest lecture by 'Mr.Vijay Chaphekar' on 'Personalty Development' during 3rd & 4th October 2017.
7. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Jitendra Bhide' on 'Strategic Management' during 29th October 2017.

Many more such guest lectures are in pipeline........

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Department Advisory Board

MMS department of RMCET have following members on their Academic Advisory Board:

I) Members from Academics:

1. Dr. A. M. Gurav

Dean - Commerce & Management Department, Shivaji University, Kolhapur

2. Dr. G. T. Parulekar

Principal, Shri S. H. Kelkar College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Devgad

3. Dr. Y. K. Aawte

Vice-Principal, Gogate Joglekar College, Ratnagiri

4. Mr. B. D. Teurwadkar

HOD - BMS, Shri S. H. Kelkar College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Devgad

II) Members from Industry:

1. Mr. Prakash Kale

HR Manager, Adler Mediequip Pvt. Ltd., Sadavali

2. Mr. Jitendra Kumar

Branch Manager, IDBI Bank, Sakharpa

3. Mr. Yogesh Kumbhar

Area Sales Manager, Housing Finance, L & T Financial Services, Kolhapur

4. Mr. Milind Datar

Consultant - Career Guidance Kotawade, Ratnagiri

With these member's we regularly schedule advisory meetings, where we share our experiences and get good suggestions out of it. Last meeting was conducted on 23rd September 2017.

Blood Contributors - A Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation is a voluntary procedure that can help to save others life. It is an integral part of health and well being of the community.
Every year on 17th August, on the occasion of Birthday of our respected Chairman sir "Shri. Ravindraji Mane" our college use to organize a 'Blood Donation Camp' in which several students took part voluntarily.

We Speak English - An English Zone

Under the Management Student's Association (MSA) we have designed our corridor as an English speaking zone where everyone must speak in English only. In view of same, during 29th , 30th and 31st August 2017, we have organized Spoken English Activity (Dangal Theme), under which all student's and faculties must have to speak completely in English wherever they are in whole campus. This activity was conducted to give practice of English communication to the students.

Problem areas that have been observed during these 3 days session were:
Sentence Structure
Lack of Words (Vocabulary)
and Lack of Confidence.

As students are from different levels of English Knowledge, somehow few student's manage to speak in English, but most are uncomfortable and even unable to speak. 

We continuously following this activity for improving English.

Valedictory Program - Farewell 2017

Saying goodbye is rarely easy, so when asked to post a report on farewell party, it was quite challenging. We don't want to look like to be excited that the student's are leaving our campus but we can't even seem as we don't care for them.
To make this day memorable, we set a theme party which includes food themes, costume themes, decoration themes and a surprise party. The detailed and official report of same event is attached below. Top get this detailed report, you can click here....

Mark - Biz 2017 : An Marketing Event

Mark - Biz 2017, is a marketing activity organized by student's of MBA / MMS RMCET where they use to sell several products. Marketing is not as simple as paid advertising in newspapers or on television. It is a technique used to make public aware about our products.

This event was organized on 15th September 2017 on the occasion of Engineer's Day, where we get the mob of around 1500 students.
Products of almost all segment have been sold by our student's through which they earned revenue of around 30,000/- rs for a day. Based on the highest revenue earned by a team, we gave several appreciation prizes.
To get official report of same event, click here.....

A Sparkling Fresher's Party - 2017

MMS department of RMCET have organized a splendid fresher's welcome party for the 2017-18 batch. Rightly called Fresher's Party, the purpose of this event is that every "Fresher" of RMCET MMS department feels like an integral part of the MMS family and readies to take on challenge of the year ahead.

Cheerful smiles and high spirits marked the welcome party for the students. The party was organized in seminar hall on Saturday, 19th August 2017, manifested youth and enthusiasm at its full flow. With pulsating ambiance, flashing lights and foot tapping music, the party began with a blast.

Mr. M. A. Salvi ,our fun-loving HOD was the chief guests of this prime occasion. The party was organized by the Management Student’s Association (MSA).

Initially we have introduction session for all the fresher’s in which they have to give their own brief introduction, along with that they have do one act as per described in the cheat provided to them. After this we played several games like Antakshri, Damsharaj, Pahechan kon, Kiss-me and many more. Finally as per the results of all the activities we got our Mr. Fresher i.e. “Aditya Kumtekar” and Miss. Fresher i.e. “Miss. Pranali Vankundre.

For official report of same, click here....

Parichaya 2017 - An Induction cum Formal Introductory Session

Parichaya 2017 is basically an Formal Introduction Program organized by RMCET MMS department on 22/9/2017 where 1st year students get aware about the Course (MBA / MMS). In this Program student's get interacted with 2nd year student's as well.

Rebooting Excellence was the basic theme of our program. During this session, our beloved chairman sir "Shir. Ravindraji Mane" addresses our student's and guide them about the institute and course as well.
Our chief guest "Mr. Jitendra Kumar", Branch Manager, HDFC bank, Sakharpa, also motivates our students about the career and need of MBA in industries.
We also did felicitation of student's for there ranking in last result and also for their active participation in several events organized in department.
For official report of same program, you can click here.