Guest Lectures of 2017-18 Odd Semester

Guest Lecturers are not the substitute for our present teachers. Having a guest lecture opens our lesson designs to some new options. Like, we and our guest can work together to field questions or even debate issues.

Guest speakers have become an important part of educational experience for students. It expose students to real life practical experiences from the position of someone who has been there...
Enhancement of Student's Educational Experience is one of the important benefit of organizing guest lectures.

By following the same trend, our MMS department have also organized various guest lecturers in this odd semester of session 2017-18, which are listed below:
1. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Milind Shinde' on 'Strategic Management' during 10th July 2017.
2. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Sachin Patle' on 'Human Behavior' during 19th July 2017.
3. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Sandip Damri' on 'Perspective Management' during 16th September 2017.

4. Guest lecture by 'Ms. Pallavi Sonavdekar' on 'E-commerce & Digital Marketing' during 16th September 2017.

5. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Nitin Shedge' on 'Financial Planning & Environment Protection' during 19th September 2017.
6. Guest lecture by 'Mr.Vijay Chaphekar' on 'Personalty Development' during 3rd & 4th October 2017.
7. Guest lecture by 'Mr. Jitendra Bhide' on 'Strategic Management' during 29th October 2017.

Many more such guest lectures are in pipeline........


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