Guest Lecture on Share Market

MMS Department of RMCET Ambav has conducted a guest Lecture on Share Market on 22nd February 2018 for I and II year students of MMS.

Resource Person:

Mr. Chandrshekhar Thakur is an X-head Education Investor at CDSL. Previously when he was working with Bank of India, he had been appointed at clearing house where he gets interested in share market, mutual funds, future & options, etc. Based on this interest he up brings his career in Digital India. He has conducted more than 1,345 lectures on investment awareness. After demonetization, he is wondering all over the world to create awareness about digitalization. 

A stock market, equity market or share market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares), which represent ownership claims on businesses; these may include securities listed on a public stock exchange as well as those only traded privately.
The session started with an introductory speech of Mr. Mahavir Salvi, & then guest speaker has started their interaction with students.

·        To make students aware about stock exchange.
·        To taught them about Capital Formation, Facilitate trading & Market regulation.

He started by asking what is stock market. He explained it in a very convincing way about stock exchange, and how it works, how shares are bought and sold.
He mentioned that stock market is the “BAROMETER” of a countries economic development. It measures the growth of the country.
He told about JOBBER. Jobber is a kind of person who has no interest of buying shares, but still buys shares with an expectation that there will be sales of those shares in the future.

He explained about the Depository, objectives of Depository.
Depository: A place where securities are stored, recorded in the books on behalf of the investors.
Objectives of Depository:
i. Reduce time
ii. Avoid risk
iii. Reduce cost
iv. Enhance efficiency

Open cry system was also told to the students.
Effects on stock market:
i. Govt. policies
ii. Financial crisis
iii. Balance of trade
iv. FII’s

Support level
Resistance level.

BOLT - Bombay Online Trading
NEAT - National Exchange Automated Trading
CTCL – Computer To Computer Link
Queries were rightly answered at the end.
The lecture started at 9.30 am & ended at 1:15 pm.

Concluding Remarks: Over and above the feedback was taken by the respective students. The guest lecture was all together an interactive and a valuable input to the students in the field of financial markets.


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